Top 5 Vineyards in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to many fine things adored by people with exquisite taste. Since William Penn planted the first vineyard more than 330 years ago, Pennsylvania has exploded into 14,000 acres of the superb Winelands.

Pennsylvania is known for more than just its excellent list of almost 300 wineries and is also home to the Philadelphia Phillies. Yes, Pennsylvania offers you the best of the best with this Major League Baseball team. You can place your stake in this famous team at one of many online casinos in PA while sipping your Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pennsylvania produces more than two million gallons of wine yearly.  Their wines are an exciting and diverse range due to the perfect climate of the region. 

Top Wineries to Visit While in Phillie

It's this perfect climate that makes Phillie the ideal setting to wander off on countless hiking trails in the wineries. After you've spent a day in nature, you can come back to enjoy the year-round events hosted by the industry designed for wine-lovers of all ages.

According to Tripadvisor, these are the top 5 wineries to visit in Pennsylvania:

  1. Crossing Vineyards & Winery: This winery offers exceptional variety for tastings in a European Country ambiance. You can try the White Cabernet Franc from the Vintner's Select range.
  2. Adams County Winery: It's ideally situated close to other wineries and is the perfect romantic getaway spot to visit. It is rich in history as it's known to be the place where General Jesse Lee Reno lost his life in the Battle of South Mountain.
  3. Blue Ridge Mountain Estate: You can enjoy a wine tasting while sitting on a lovely outside patio that overlooks the vineyards and a Christmas tree farm. 
  4. Mount Hope Estate & Winery: This winery is very well known for its Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. It offers excellent shows, tours, and stalls that sell wines, craft beers, and clothes. There's something for everybody to enjoy here.
  5. Cullari Vineyards & Winery: If you want a fun outing, this is the place to visit for a tasting. It's a young and energetic approach will be a welcome change amidst the typical up-market experiences of visiting wine farms.


Pennsylvania has much to offer and is the perfect destination for a family getaway weekend. The parents can enjoy one of the best wine-tasting tours the US has to offer while the kids can spend time roaming the flea-markets and world-class shows.